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Necromancy is magic that involves the manipulation of the death element. Those born under the runic element of death would use necromancy as magic. Necromancy is most known for their effect and poisoning spells, however necromancy also offers destructive spells as well. It should be noted that although there are very dark necromancy spells, necromancy as a whole is not considered an evil or dark art, and there are beneficial necromancy spells. Minor elemental manipulation usually involves effecting death and the presence of death.

1. Some Possible Minor Elemental Manipulations

Please note that this is no-where near a complete list of all the things that are possible with minor elemental manipulations of the death element. This is just a short list to aid you by giving you examples on how minor elemental manipulations work so that you can come up with your own ideas.

Amplify Poison With this manipulation you are attempting to infuse your poison potion or spell with a little bit of death magic so that the poison damages more HP per round. For every 2 SA point spent the poison will damage 1 more HP points per round. poisoned target You cannot increase the per round damaging power of the poison by more than 10 points.
Aura of Sickness With this manipulation you are attempting to use your control over the element of death to cause those around you to feel sick. This would cause them to have their movment cut in half while in this aura. This would affect a 2×2 hex area or 6×6 feet area around you. You simply need to spend 5 SA points to put up this field. a 2×2 hex area around user This effect cannot decrease anymore than 2 actions per target.
Minor Animation of the Dead With this manipulation you are attempting to use your control over the element of death to cause a deceased corpse to move. You need to spend 5 SA point per body part that you want to animate. Therefore to animate the whole corpse you need to spend 25 SA points. 1 corpse N/A
Maintain Injury With this manipulation you are attempting to use your control over the element of death to cause a recently made hit on a target to maintain itself as an exposed injury, costing that target to lose HP per round. For every 2 SA points you spend that target will lose 1 HP point. 4 hex, affecting 1 target You cannot cause the target to lose more than 10 HP per round with this manipulation.
Tainted Water With this manipulation you are attempting to use your control over the element of death to taint a supply of liquid or food so that when consumed it will give the target minor sickness that would decrease the target's movement rate by half and decrease their damage power by 10% for 1d10 hours. It cost 10 SA point per item. 3 area blocks, affecting 1 target This effect does not compound no matter how much is consumed.
Aura of Fear With this manipulation you are attempting to use your control over the element of death to make those standing immediately adjacent to you try to move away from you and have to make will checks to attack you. This costs 10 SA and 5 SA per round. adjacent hexes around user This only affects targets who have a will power equal or less than yours.
Drain Life With this manipulation you are attempting to use your control over death to drain HP from your target when you hit your target with a melee weapon. For every 2 SA points you spend with each attack you 1 point of damage done as drained HP to restore your own HP with. weapon's range, affecting 1 target Maximum of 20 points of damage used to restore your HP with.
Poisoned Strike With this manipulation you are attempting to use your control over death to poison your weapon. For every 2 SA point you spend your weapon to poisons the target so that the target loses 1 HP per round. weapon's range, affecting 1 target You cannot cause the target to lose more than 10 HP per round with this manipulation.
Poison Guard With this manipulation you are attempting to use your control over the element of death to minimize the damage received from poison. For every 2 SA point you spend you reduce the damage received from poison by 1 point per round. self You cannot reduce the damage received from poison by more than 10 points.
Shroud of Darkness With this manipulation you are attempting to use your control over the element of death to produce a shroud of darkness around you that extinguishes all light. You need to spend 10 SA points to produce the shroud and 5 SA points per 6 rounds or 1 minute . a 3x3 hex area  around user or adjacent area blocks N/A

2. The Two Iconic Symbols of Necromancy

In the elemental magic of Necromancy, there are two iconic symbols. They are the Serenity and the Pain. These symbols are said to be the very source of death magic, even though like all elemental magic in Nor'Ova, necromancy is conducted not by incantations or potions, but by manipulating the element of death to produce magical effects.

These symbols are therefore nothing more than just symbols, representatives of the two opposing forces of magic, the positive force and the negative force. Magic as a whole is neither evil or good. It is simply a neutral force. Society doesn't judge based on what magic is used, only on how it is used and for what reason. Therefore, despite whether or not certain spells may be associated with what is considered the good or the dark side of magic, the use of spells has no effect on your alignment unless it is used for a wholly good purpose, or for a whole evil purpose.

In the elemental magic of Necromancy, the Serenity symbolizes the light aspect while the Pain represents the dark aspect.

3. Environmental Effects on Necromancy

Due to the fact that elemental magic is elemental, the environment can play an effect on the magic you are casting. If the environment has a larger amount of your element present, your magic will be stronger. If the environment has a lesser amount of the element you are casting, your element will be weaker. If the element present in your environment is about average, then there would be no change.

In the case of necromancy:

  • In cementaries or places where there is a lot of death element present - such as swamps and battlefields - necromancy effects are increased by x 1.25
  • In lively places or in places with a lot of life element present, necromancy effects are decreased by x 0.75.

4. Necromancy Magic Progression Tree

Necromancy Magic Spells Progression Tree v6

5. Necromancy Magic Spells

5.1. Tier 1

NecromancyEffectCostRange & AreaDurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Bio Instability This spell causes the target to feel sick. Inside the target’s body, the organs act strangely and irregularly, causing slight pains, nausea, and other symptoms. It mimics food poisoning. The target's movement rates is cut in half. 10 SA;
1 magic
1 target 1d8 rounds 60 N/A 50
Deconstruction This spell is made to slowly destroy armor by burning away their durability. A dark mist hovers over the target slowly eating away at their armor. It takes away 1d12 points from the armor per round. When the spell’s duration runs out, it evaporates into the air. 10 SA;
1 magic
1 target 1d10 rounds 60 N/A 50
Fang This spell sends out two fangs at the target. You create these fangs out of death magic and they, together, do 2d10 to a single target. These fangs are magical energy, not physical. 10 SA;
1 magic 
1 target instant 60 N/A 50
Graveyard's Warding The use of this manipulation produces a faint, pale glow about the area. Those within the area find that their magic power is weakened greatly, decreasing the Magic Power by half of all targets, friend or foe, caught within the affected area. You, the spell caster, are unaffected. 10 SA;
1 magic
a 3x3 hex area around the caster 1d6 rounds 60 N/A 50
Loss of Self This spell begins to deteriorate the personality of the target it is used on. Without this personality, they lose conviction in what they are fighting for. Losing conviction makes them deal less damage with every attack. Every time the target attacks, their physical damage is reduced by 25% until the spell wears off. 10 SA;
1 magic
1 target 1d6 rounds 60 N/A 50

5.2. Tier 2

NecromancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Beast's Prey This spell creates a defensive aura around the target of your choice. Whenever this target is attacked in melee, 2d20 damage is done to the target. 20 SA;
2 magic
1 target 1d8 rounds 55 Fang mastered 100
Cold Blade Cold Blade creates the feeling of being stabbed with a cold, metal blade in the back. The spell leaves a wound behind, doing 4d10 damage. Magic deals the damage without anything physical actually being used to make the feeling. 20 SA;
1 magic 
1 target instant 55 Fang mastered 100
Elemental Death Using the magic of death, you effectively kill the target's ability to manipulate their element to produce magic. The magic surrounds them, not allowing them to concentrate on their element. No spells can be cast including minor elemental manipulations. The target make an evasion check to try to evade this with no penalties to evasion. 20 SA;
2 magic
1 target 1d6 rounds 55 Graveyard's Warding mastered 100
Ghastly Presence With the creation of Ghastly Presence, a ghost-like formation appears behind the target. The ghost suddenly starts attacking with spiritual claws at the back of the target doing 2d20 damage, and then disappears.  20 SA;
1 magic
1 target instant 55 Loss of Self mastered 100
Last Cry This spell invokes the power of the voice. You open your mouth, letting out a pained but angry scream. All of those in the radius of the spell are affected with fear for 1d6 rounds, even your allies. Fear causes the affected to flee from the user at all costs. 20 SA;
2 magic
a 3x3 hex area around the caster instant 55 Loss of Self mastered 100
Night Shade This spell does not seem to have a visual element at all. The magic is directly infused into the blood stream of the target, causing instant poison. This causes the target to lose 2d10HP per round. The poison cannot be magically evaded. Only fortitude checks apply for this spell. 20 SA;
2 magic
1 target until cured 55 Bio Instability mastered 100
Reign of Acid This spell creates a glowing nexus point of death magic above the battlefield. Each round the energy would discharge acid at every target designated as an enemy, doing 3d10 damage and 4 damage to PR and MR to every enemy each round. 20 SA;
2 magic
all enemy targets 1d6 rounds 55 Deconstruction mastered 100
Release of the Doomed With the casting of this spell skeletal hands reach up from the ground and grab the legs of any enemy targets. Effected targets must make a strength check to be freed. 20 SA;
2 magic
all enemy targets until freed 55 Either Loss of Self or Graveyard's Warding mastered 100
Vampiric Strain This manipulation temporarily curses you with a vampiric ability. You grow fangs and your skin becomes pale. Each round you can get into melee range and can bite the person and drain them of life. You are able to do 2d10 HP damage to the target and the damage taken is used to replenish your HP. 20 SA;
2 magic
self 2d4 rounds 55 Fang mastered 100

5.3. Tier 3

NecromancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Constrict This spell creates a cloud of death magic that squeezes tightly around the target. The magic restricts the arms and torso of the target, making the target unable to cast spells during the spell’s duration. The target can move but they are still being crushed by the magic. Each round the target receives 3d20 damage.  30 SA;
3 magic
1 target 2d4 rounds 50 Either Reign of Acid or Vampiric Strain mastered 150
Dispel This spell uses the natural death magic of necromancy to burn away at magic like acid. This spell removes enchantments, protections, poisons, and many other active spells. Independently acting spells such as the geomancy spell “Catapult” can be ended prematurely with this spell. This spell can only be cast on a single target. 30 SA;
2 magic 
1 target instant 50 Elemental Death mastered 150
Ghostly Mount This spell brings back an undead horse. The appearance of it is nothing but bones that glows with an eerie purple light and its eyes are replaced with purple flame. The horse is completely loyal and it’s stats are double that of a war horse. 30 SA;
3 magic
next to caster 1 hour 50 Ghastly Presence mastered 150
Nightmare The magic of Nightmare is made to recreate the nightmare of someone. Each enemy target sees some creature that attacks them doing 5d10+10 damage. The creature is different to each target. When the spell breaks off they all find that what they saw actually did real damage to them. 30 SA;
3 magic
all enemy targets instant 50 Either Cold Blade or Last Cry mastered 150
Pain's Persistence This spell racks the body of your target with tremendous pain. The pain is so unbearable that the target cannot bring himself to use projectile or melee weapons or attack. The target can only use spells that cost 1 magic action. 30 SA;
3 magic
1 target 1d6 rounds 50 Reign of Acid mastered 150
Plague This spell summons an ancient disease. A mist moves into the body of the target. The target loses sight, becomes nauseous cutting their movement in half, and starts to lose life, loosing 3d10 HP per round. This disease will continue to work its way through the body until it kills the target. Every round the poisoning gets worse, adding 1d4 each round to the poisoning damage. This disease can be cured but to do so all status aliments must be removed at the same time.  30 SA;
3 magic 
6 hexes affecting 1 target until cured 50 Night Shade mastered 150
Revival This spell brings about a revival and rejuvenation. First it revives destroyed or damaged items, armor, and weapons by 20% of original state, PR, and MR. Second it rejuvenates targets by removing any negative status effects with equal ease. 30 SA;
3 magic
1 target instant 50 Either Night Shade or Reign of Acid mastered 150
Rising Blood This horrid manipulation summons fresh blood from underneath the feet of the targets in a radius from the user. The blood-formed hands struggle to grab their opponents as they drip and reform before the eyes of those in the spell. Every enemy must make a speed check to see if they get caught. If they get caught the target is knocked down and is held face down in the blood. The target must then roll a 1d6 each round until freed, with 6 equaling the target being knocked unconscious for the remainder of the battle. The target may be saved if the hand is knocked free by another target or with a successful strength check.  30 SA;
3 magic
all enemy targets until freed 50 Release of the Doomed mastered 150
Well of the Dead With this spell you draw upon the dead for strength for yourself or an ally. Calling forth the death energy around you, you either gather it into yourself or disperse it to a selected ally, temporarily gaining a +25 to melee, throw, and bow power, and + 10 to Speed and Fortitude. Once the spell is over however the energy quickly drains out of target, leaving the target half of their EP.  30 SA;
3 magic
1 ally or self 2d6 rounds 50 Vampiric Strain mastered 150

5.4. Tier 4

NecromancyEffectCostRange & AreaDurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Create Death Elemental With this spell you can create one death elemental. The death elemental will obey you until you run out of SA. You may destroy the elemental to end the spell, or you may release the elemental into the wild. You may use other spells and attacks while you have the death elemental.  10 SA to cast, 2 SA per round; 3 magic next to caster until set free or destroyed 45 Either Nightmare or Ghostly Mount mastered 200
Deadly Guard This spell summons a warrior of death that is cursed to never be able to fight again. The warrior is only deadly to himself now. Every time anything attacks the ally that you assign the warrior to, the warrior will leap in the way of the attack and take the damage. He will continue to do this until he is sent back to the world of the dead. The warrior has 100 HP. 40 SA;
3 magic
1 ally until destroyed 45 Either Well of the Dead or Nightmare mastered 200
Death of Magic This spell sends a pulse of death magic out into the battlefield. The magic attaches to any other magic and demolishes it. Anything magically involved, such as enchantment, magically caused status effects, independent active magic, or any spell still in action or being cast is suddenly ended and the energies dispelled from the area. 40 SA; 4 magic battlefield instant 45 Dispel mastered 200
Pain's Caress With this spell you create large gashes on the surface of the target, causing immense pain to flush over them and causing 4d20 damage. These gashes seem to come from nowhere, but it looks like the skin or other top layer is being peeled off of the target. 40 SA; 3 magic 1 target instant 45 Nightmare mastered 200
Pain's Pleasure With this spell death magic slowly runs over the skin of the target, ripping the skin from the body. But this is done slowly to an almost excruciating length doing 8d10 damage per round, and allowing the target on only move and attack once per round. It is almost as if the magic enjoys watching the target suffer. Even if the target evades the first round, the target must evade each additional round, or suffer the effects of the spell for the remainder of its duration. 40 SA; 4 magic 1 target 2d8 rounds 45 Pain's Persistence mastered 200
Returned One You create a special revival on a corpse. The corpse floats in the air for a second. The skin, muscles, and organs all bulge and then explode outward in a flash of flesh and blood. What remains is a skeletal version of the being that was recently slain. The magic sustains the target as the undead being follows your orders. The undead being cannot be destroyed but will shatter and become nothing more than bones at the end of the spell. It has an attack power of 80. 40 SA; 4 magic 1 dead target 1d8 rounds 45 Revival mastered 200
Serenity's Arrival This manipulation creates the conditions for Serenity to arrive to the target. Death magic flows across the body of the target, burning their life away causing 7d12 damage. Meanwhile the spell pours into the mouth of the target and causes sickness, causing their movement rates and damage power to be halved for 4 rounds. 40 SA; 3 magic  1 target instant 45 Plague mastered 200
Serenity's Embrace With this manipulation the target is enveloped in this sudden sense of calm and safety as they fall into a deep slumber known as a coma. The magic completely drains the target’s EP. The target can be restored only when the target has EP recovered. 40 SA; 4 magic 1 target instant 45 Rising Blood mastered 200
Serenity's Protection When this spell is created the magic imitates the dying, but with a gift of protection. You, or your chosen ally, do not take any damage from outside forces. However, the protected target takes 3d10 HP damage from the death magic much like you would from poison. The magic stops all attacks, physical, magical, and energy, from hitting the protected target while slowly damaging the target. Status effects can still effect the target however, such as poison, plague, sickness, and so on.  40 SA; 4 magic 1 target 2d6 rounds 45 Either Constrict or Well of the Dead mastered 200
Stop When you create this spell, death magic surrounds the target in a faint cloud. The target suddenly freezes in place, unable to move or act. The target may make a fortitude check each time it's the target's turn or when the target is attacked to try to break the effects of the spell. 40 SA; 4 magic 1 target 1d6 rounds 45 Either Pain's Persistence or Constrict mastered 200

5.5. Tier 5

NecromancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Death This spell is made to kill the target. It begins a two round countdown that is made to be the last moments of the life of the target. Death magic swirls around the target during the countdown, waiting for the target’s time to complete. Finally, when the countdown ends, the magic encloses on the target and destroys the life force of the target. The target is effectively dead. Should the battle end before the countdown ends however, the death magic will stop. 50 SA; 5 magic 6 hexes affecting 1 target 2 round countdown 40 Serenity's Arrival mastered 250
Executioner's Weapon This spell provides a special enchantment the weapon of your chosen ally (or your weapon). Death magic coats it deeply. Whenever your ally attacks, they roll a 1d6. If they roll a 6, the target dies instantly. Any other roll is inconsequential and you do damage as normal. 50 SA; 4 magic 1 target 2d6 rounds 40 Either Serenity's Protection or Deadly Guard mastered 250
Pain's Desperation This spell causes Pain to rush its work. The magic causes great pain all at once at the single target, doing damage to the inner body, but not the outer appearance. Unfortunately, for rushing the work, the magic is not as effective in doing damage, only doing 1d%. 50 SA; 3 magic 1 target instant 40 Either Pain's Pleasure or Stop mastered 250
Reanimation With this manipulation you send out powerful death magic which reanimates the dead. This magic raises up any target that was recently killed and places that target under your control. The reanimated target has its full stats and skills. While reanimated, no resurrection spell can be used on the target, nor can the target communicate. 50 SA; 5 magic 1 dead target 2d8 rounds 40 Returned One mastered 250
Resurrection This spell is difficult for a necromancer to cast. With this spell you reverse all that you strive to focus on. The goal is to draw out all of the death energy from the target’s dead body. The lack of it will allow life energy from the area to come take its place and the target can awaken with half of their life returned. The target is disoriented from the resurrection and must rest for one round before acting. This spell can restore a character who is incapacitated or even dead from loss of all Mortality Points, if done so within 3 hours of death. 50 SA; 5 magic 1 dead target instant 40 Returned One mastered 250
Ritual of the Mirrentori This spell calls for a ritual suicide. You let your life expire by your death magic. The magic of the spell, instead of letting you be lost forever, separates your bones from your body and transforming you into a lich. While in this form you cannot be killed. You can be dismembered and thus unable to act, but cannot be killed. Your spell’s SA costs are cut in half, rounding up to the nearest whole number and spell's action costs are cut in half, rounding up. You also get +30 to all of your offensive and magic powers. When the spell ends, your flesh reappears and you return to life loosing all the benefits of being a lich. 50 SA; 5 magic self 2d6 rounds 40 Serenity's Protection mastered 250
Serenity's Calm When this spell is created the single target is surrounded in serenity. But, suddenly among the calm, the target can feel horrible injuries ripping into the target’s body doing 10d10 damage. Serenity releases the target and the damage is done. 50 SA; 5 magic  1 target instant 40 Serenity's Embrace mastered 250
Vengeance of the Cursed This manipulation releases the lost ghosts of the dead to let their anger out on your enemies. Ghosts of all kinds rip out of the earth, clawing, biting, and attacking from every direction doing 8d12 damage. The ghosts leave you and your allies alone. They disappear after attacking. 50 SA; 5 magic  all enemy targets instant 40 Either Serenity's Embrace or Death of Magic mastered 250

5.6. Tier 6

NecromancyEffectCostRange &
DurationSuccess RatePrerequisitesCost to Acquire
Judgment With this spell you condemn your target. Nothing visible can be seen of this spell and to the untrained eye it would seem that no spell was even cast. However the target begins to fill all his energy slip away from him, dropping all of the target’s stats down to 1. The target’s stats do return after battle, should the target live that long. HP, SA, and EP would be dropped to 2 and unable to be restored past 2 due to Fortitude, Mental, and Strength being at 1. This spell can be ended with Death of Magic or Dispel. 60 SA; 6 magic 1 target instant 35 Either Executioner's Weapon, Serenity's Calm, or Vengeance of the Cursed mastered 300