Race: Dwarf
Race Maximums:

Fortitude: 100
Speed: 50
Mental: 60
Strength: 90
Luck: 70
Will: 60
React: 60
Perceive: 60



Weight Range: 80 - 280
Height Ranges: 3 foot to 5 foot
Genders: Male, Female
Life Expectancy: 600
Quick List of Modifiers for all dwarfs:
+5 to Strength as a modifier
+0.2 to Character Point Rate for crafting, offensive, or defensive skills
+5 to Fortitude  as a modifier
+1d10 to Melee
+5 to Saving Grace
-2 to Initiative
Defense of 5
Weapons created by dwarf has 20% more attack power
Armor created by dwarf has 10% more DR%


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1) Basic History

Dwarfs have never made themselves a part of society. Preferring to be left alone in their mines and underground dwellings, most were happy to be ignored. This continues to this very day, however since the Great Magic War, some dwarf clans have surfaced, ready to finally take their piece of the world.

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2) Positives & Negatives

Dwarfs are kind and honorable. These short people have a lot of strength built up inside of them. And being so short, they can fit into places that other races cannot. But being short does have it’s disadvantages. A dwarf is slow and clumsy. They tend to be the last one to move in battle, unless accompanied by an orc, and have a hard time doing normal tasks such as carrying multiple things in their arms and climbing.

Dwarves are immune to being knocked back or knocked down. Dwarfs make great traders, merchants, and warriors.

2.1) Racial Skills

All Dwarves start with the following racial skills and core skills at level 1 mastery.

Skill Stat Cost Description Level Effects Cost to Acquire
Damage Absorb 5 EP

Absorb 5% of the physical damage that gets through your armor. That will reduce the damage that gets through by 5%. That 5% is applied to your next melee strike, whether it successfully hits or not, thus not only reducing your damage taking but also increasing the damage you deal. 

Level 1: 5%; 5 EP
Level 2: 10%; 10 EP
Level 3: 15%; 15 EP
Level 4: 20%; 20 EP

This is a Tier 1 skill

Level 1: 25/50
Level 2: 50/100
Level 3: 75/150
Level 4: 100/200

Haggle N/A

1d10 as a percentage discount when buying items or services. 1d12 as a percentage increase in selling costs.

Level 1: 1d10% buying; 1d12% selling
Level 2: 2d10% buying; 2d12% selling
Level 3: 3d10% buying; 3d12% selling
Level 4: 4d10% buying; 4d12% selling

This is a Tier 1 skill

Level 1: 25/50
Level 2: 50/100
Level 3: 75/150
Level 4: 100/200

Low Light Vision N/A

Dwarves are used to working and living in areas of limited light, so while they can't fully see in the dark, they can see better than most. Their eyes quickly pick up the slightest light sources allowing them to make out basic details in shades of gray.

N/A: only one level


Quick Endurance 2 SA

Occasionally the Dwarf will need a boost of extra EP. The Dwarf can get that by using this ability. Using this ability the Dwarf can exchange SA for EP at a cost of 2 SA per 1 EP.

Level 1: 2 SA = 1 EP
Level 2: 2 SA = 2 EP
Level 3: 2 SA = 3 EP
Level 4: 2 SA = 4 EP

Level 1: acquired
Level 2: 50
Level 3: 75
Level 4: 100

Dwarves have Haggle with an extra +10 to effect!

Dwarves can also have different bonuses depending upon their clan and their upbringing. Dwarven clans are split up in three great professions: laborers, warriors, guardsmen, and rune mages. Their specialites are found divided into their own subsections at the end of this page. 

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3) Lifespan

Dwarfs have two stages of life, childhood and adulthood. Childhood is a time of growth starts out at the same rate as human children but slows down by the age of 5 so that a dwarf stays considered a child until they are 20. The child is completely dependent of his/her parents for every need. This is the stage the dwarf learns to take care of himself.

During adulthood, which last from 20 until death, the dwarf leaves his parents and tries to make his own way in the world. Dwarfs can still depend on their parents, in fact dwarfs usually live very close to their parents. A dwarf usually doesn’t search for a wife until he is 128. Dwarfs reach their middle age when they are 200 years old, but don't become an elder until they are 400 years old.

Female dwarfs die 100 years before male dwarfs, basically because of the childbirth process that takes so much energy from them. If a female does not ever conceive a child, the female will live to be the same age as the male dwarf. When a dwarf reaches their max age, they die of a severe stroke.

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4) Appearance

Dwarfs are short and chubby and have tanned, coarse skin. When a dwarf grows a beard, they never cut it off or shave it, whether they are male or female. A beard is a dwarf’s symbol of strength. They have either black, gray, or green eyes that are basically an oval shape. Their hair is usually gray, black, or red, and is long and matted. Dwarfs value bodily hair growth, so most have hair on their back, in their arm pits, on their legs and arms, and on their chest, whether they are male or female.

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5) Living Habitat

They live in hilly or mountain regions, and rarely travel.

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6) Food & Sleeping Requirements

Dwarfs must have 4 meals each day consisting of meat and fungus, and drink rum with each meal. They must sleep at least 1/2 a cycle or they will suffer from fatigue.

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7) Culture

Dwarfs all appreciate the values and virtues of hard work. They cherish their crafts and handiwork, and the metals they work with. They tend to be a bit stingy though if they give you a gift, no matter how small or how grand, and you don’t accept it, they take that as a serious offense. They celebrate family and honor and trust above all others and are typically of a monotheistic belief.

Dwarfs make use of the family name as their surname now days, but this is a recent custom that only started during the Second Era. Their family names originally came from what craft they were a part of or something they were famously known for. First names are chosen much like with any other race, they pick a name they like and give it to their offspring. Typically it is the father that names the children, and this is done only when the child turns one. Before that time the child is simply known as “Baby Dwarf”.

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8) Racial Relations

Dwarfs tend to relate well only to like-minded races. They have good relations with the Humans. Dwarfs are very distrustful of all elves, and have a very deep hatred for the Dark Elf.  They will work with to some extent with anthropoids, but are distrustful of the beast men. They are also distrustful of all other races.

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9) World Movement

Dwarves have a slow gait but a decent running speed.

Race 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100 101 +
Dwarf, Goblin 1 + 1d4 1 + 1d6 1 + 1d8 2 + 1d10 2 + 1d12 2 + 2d8 3 + 1d20 3 + 2d12 3 + 2d20 4 + 5d10 4 + 3d20 (+1d10 per every 10 speed)
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10) Dwarven Clan Special Bonuses

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