Race: Yeti
Race Maximums:

Fortitude: 100
Speed: 50
Mental: 50
Strength: 100
Luck: 60
Will: 60
React: 40
Perceive: 50



Weight Range: 350 - 650
Height Ranges: 5 foot to 8 foot
Genders: Male, Female
Life Expectancy: 50
Quick List of Modifiers:
+1d10 to Melee Power
+1d12 to Throw Power
+10 to Critical for Melee Attacks
+10 to Strength
+10 to Fortitude
+1 to Reach
+20 to EP
-5 from Initiative
-10 from Evade 
Defense of 10


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1) Brief History

Yeti are a violent, nomadic, and strong race. Their history is filled with wars, and most wars go on for centuries, even if the reason was forgotten.


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2) Positives & Negatives

Yeti are a strong and rugged race. They have impressive strength and can easily hold their own in a fight. They are natural mountain climbers and have a good tolerance to the cold. They are also the only orc race to have any natural armor, their thick hair. However they are very quick to anger. They also have no concern for politeness and tact which often puts them at odds with other races.

Yeti are not as mentally strong as other races and therefore are best suited to being a warrior instead of a scholar or spell caster.

2.1) Racial Skills

Yeti start with the following core skills:

Skill Stat Cost Description Level Effects Cost to Acquire
Carry 5 EP

Increase weight limit by 20% for 1 hour.

Level 1: 20%; 5 EP
Level 2: 40%; 10 EP
Level 3: 60%; 15 EP
Level 4: 80%; 20 EP

This is a Tier 1 skill

Level 1: 25/50
Level 2: 50/100
Level 3: 75/150
Level 4: 100/200

Damage Absorb 5 EP

Absorb 5% of the physical damage that gets through your armor. That will reduce the damage that gets through by 5%. That 5% is applied to your next melee strike, whether it successfully hits or not, thus not only reducing your damage taking but also increasing the damage you deal. 

Level 1: 5%; 5 EP
Level 2: 10%; 10 EP
Level 3: 15%; 15 EP
Level 4: 20%; 20 EP

This is a Tier 1 skill

Level 1: 25/50
Level 2: 50/100
Level 3: 75/150
Level 4: 100/200

Skillful Climbing 5 EP

With this skill you can successfully climb different hard to climb obstacles. Your ability to climb and what you can climb depends upon your level of mastery in this skill. You must use this skill for each movement action in which you wish to climb.

Level 1: Trees; 5 EP
Level 2: Mountains ; 10 EP
Level 3: Cliffs; 15 EP
Level 4: Walls; 20 EP

This is a Tier 1 skill

Level 1: 25/50
Level 2: 50/100
Level 3: 75/150
Level 4: 100/200

Yeti Roar 5 EP

Skill that lets the yeti let out a loud roar which unnerves the affected targets, causing them to need to make a will check with a 5 point penalty to attack or use any skills or spells against the yeti. The unnerving effect lasts for 2 rounds.

Level 1: -5; 5 EP
Level 2: -10; 10 EP
Level 3: -15; 15 EP
Level 4: -20; 20 EP

Level 1: acquired
Level 2: 50
Level 3: 75
Level 4: 100

Yeti also start with the following talents.

Talent Effects Requirements Handicap Cost
The Barbarian

Your character is a natural barbarian. As such you are not keen on using wimpy projectile weapons or flashy spells. Give the barbarian an axe or a hammer any day. Due to this ability, you may choose either Chopping Proficiency or Bashing Proficiency free of charge to start with. Your character will also increase their damage power with chopping or bashing weapons by an extra 50%. 

Your character must have a Strength Race Max at 60 or above.

Your character's damage power with other weapons that are not chopping or bashing is decreased by 30%.

Tough Skin

This talent permanently reduces all damage done to HP. It does so by giving you a Defense that is 20% of your Fortitude stat and Spirit that is 20% of your Mental stat. The defense given will reduce any felt physical damage, and the spirit will reduce any felt magical damage. This would be a reduction of any damage that would actually be felt by HP, after any absorption or blocking done by armor. This does not protect against damaging status effects, such as poisons or burns. This does protect against piercing attacks. 

Your character's race must have a race maximum for Fortitude no lower than 60.

Having this talent adversely affects your character's speed potential. Your character's race maximum for Speed is immediately reduced by 20% by having this talent.

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3) Lifespan

Yeti have two cycles in their extremely short life span. The first stage, which last from birth until 9 is their childhood. During this stage they are completely dependent upon their clan, as the entire yeti clan helps out with the children. They will learn skills needed for survival in this stage, as well learn what it means to be a yeti.

The second stage, which last from 10 until their death, is their adulthood. They still usually stay part of the clan, unless it is decidedly better for them to go off on their own. Death is met with open arms as yeti long to be with their ancestors.


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4) Appearance

All yeti are generally tall, large, rarely fat. Yeti have thick hair that covers their entire body except their face and the palms of their hands and soles of their feet. They have a uni-brow over their eyes. Their hair color is typically white however brown, black, and red are possible colors.


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5) Living Habitat

Yeti dwell within the mountains and high plains of Nor'Ova, and are nomadic.


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6) Food & Sleeping Requirements

Yeti will eat anything they can find or catch, and require at least 2 meals a day. They must sleep a full night’s cycle every night or suffer from fatigue.


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7) Culture

All yeti have a similar culture. They are typically all nomadic and have a very barbarian lifestyle. They are polytheistic worshiping gods of power and brutality.

Yeti of any kind do not use a last name. Yeti only have one name, which often sounds primitive and guttural to other races.


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8) Racial Relations

Yeti don't relate to other races as other races. Instead they relate on an individual basis. If the other person has wronged them, a friend of theirs, or their family, that other person and his immediate family becomes the yeti's enemy. If another person is respectful and helps the yeti, the yeti's friends, or family, then that person and his immediate family is considered a friend to the yeti. Otherwise the yeti is indifferent towards others.

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9) World Movement

Yeti have a large gait but are slow.

Race 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100 101 +
Yeti 1d4 1d6 1d8 1d10 1d12 2d8 1d20 2d12 3d8 2d20 3d10 (+ 1d6 per every 10 speed)
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