Race: Dracokin Type depends on Runic Element
Race Maximums:

Fortitude: 100
Speed: 50
Mental: 60
Strength: 100
Luck: 60
Will: 50
React: 50
Perceive: 60



Weight Range: 200 - 400
Height Ranges: 5 foot to 7 foot
Genders: Male, Female
Life Expectancy: 600
Quick List of Modifiers:
+15 to Strength
+0.25 to Character Point Rate for warrior and monk skills
+1d10 to Melee and Throw
-4 from Initiative
-10 from Evade 
Defense of 15
+10 chance of Immunity to their own element


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1) Brief History

Dracokin were the spawn of elves and dragons, during the end of the Great Magic War and the beginning of the Second Era. Since then, the dragons have all but secluded themselves from humans and more Dracokin have yet to be produced. However of the large amount of Dracokin that were conceived during that time, they all had mated with each other, and grew into a large race. Though losing a lot of their dragon heritage over the years, they have kept to a basic appearance, and thus is the Dracokin race.


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2) Positives & Negatives

Dracokin have the ability to fly, and the varying abilities depending upon their element. They also boast great dexterity and natural scale armor. However Dracokin have a tendency to lose control, and some can suffer from mild insanity.

They have sharp teeth giving them bite damage of 2d8, and have sharp talons that have a damage power of 2d20.

Dracokin bear natural armor and great strength making them ideal warriors and guards.

2.1) Racial Skills

Dracokin start with the following skills at level 1 mastery:

Skill Stat Cost Description Level Effects Cost to Acquire
Fly 5 EP

This skill allows for flying at double running movement rates. If the character is carrying more than 50% of its weight limit, then the character cannot fly.

N/A - there's only 1 level.


Intimidation 5 SA

Makes you appear more intimidating giving you an extra 3 to Influence and targets a -3 penalty to Will when using Glamour.

Neutral Alignment

Level 1: +3, -3; 5 SA
Level 2: +6, -6; 10 SA
Level 3: +9, -9; 15 SA
Level 4: +12, -12; 20 SA

This is a Tier 2 skill

Level 1: 50/100
Level 2: 75/150
Level 3: 100/200
Level 4: 125/250

Magic Absorb 5 SA

Absorb 5% of the magical damage that gets through your armor. That will reduce the damage that gets through by 5%. That 5% is applied to your next spell cast or any attack that uses Runic Energy, whether it successfully hits or not, thus not only reducing your damage taking but also increasing the damage you deal, or healing power. 

Level 1: 5%; 5 SA
Level 2: 10%; 10 SA
Level 3: 15%; 15 SA
Level 4: 20%; 20 SA

This is a Tier 2 skill

Level 1: 50/100
Level 2: 75/150
Level 3: 100/200
Level 4: 125/250

Dragonians also start with the following talents:

Talent Effects Requirements Handicap Cost
Tough Skin

This talent permanently reduces all damage done to HP. It does so by giving you a Defense that is 20% of your Fortitude stat and Spirit that is 20% of your Mental stat. The defense given will reduce any felt physical damage, and the spirit will reduce any felt magical damage. This would be a reduction of any damage that would actually be felt by HP, after any absorption or blocking done by armor. This does not protect against damaging status effects, such as poisons or burns. This does protect against piercing attacks. 

Your character's race must have a race maximum for Fortitude no lower than 60.

Having this talent adversely affects your character's speed potential. Your character's race maximum for Speed is immediately reduced by 20% by having this talent.

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3) Lifespan

Dracokin have three stages of life. The first stage, which last from birth until they reach the age of 16, is their child hood. Their development is similar to human children in this stage, though they are able to crawl upon hatching. This is the stage they are most susceptible to danger, death, and disease. They rely totally on their parents during this stage, though some do develop more quickly and reach the next stage of life several years faster. Developing draconian features is a painful experience, and adolescent Dracokin thus need more rest and more nourishment during this process.

The next stage, which last from 17 until the age of 400, is their adult age. This is the age they begin to take on a more draconian appearance, learn to fly, and learn their elemental effect. This is also the age they separate from their parents and go out to learn and explore. Most traveling Dracokin are in this age group.

The final stage, which last from 400 until death, is their adult hood. Most Dracokin return to their pack during this time, an become a beneficial member of such pack. There are some however that are sicken with wanderlust who continue to explore. Death is a Dracokin greatest honor, and they accept their timely death with open arms. However to die before their time is a terrible thing to them.


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4) Appearance

Before they reach their adolescents, Dracokin resemble human children, though larger, and with scale growth over certain parts of their skin. When they develop their Dracokin features however, they are tall, built beings, bear colorful scales (color determined by their runic element) over parts of their arms, legs, knees, elbows, chest, and back, have slender, almond-shaped eye that are green and lizard-like, have developed dragon wings, and talons for feet. Their hair can be of any color, but their skin is usually a dull gray color.


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5) Living Habitat

Dracokin can be found all over, and it is common to see a Dracokin travel.

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6) Food & Sleeping Requirements

Dracokin require 3 meals a day consisting of meats and water. They must sleep a full night’s cycle every night or suffer from fatigue .


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7) Culture

Dracokin are very much tied to their family and their tribe and usually work for the better of their fellow tribe members. Dracokin are often polytheistic in belief and they celebrate coming of age and birth.

Dracokin take great pride in the family surname which often can be traced back many generations. For first names, Dracokin are often named after heroes of the past or of dragon mythology.


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8) Racial Relations

Dracokin do not suffer or benefit from the same fear factor as their dragon cousins. Therefore they are more able to interact with other races in a more peaceful manner. Who they can interact with is ultimately up to the Dracokin, however many races do not trust them.

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9) World Movement

Dracokin have a very large gait but don't run very fast.

Race 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80 81-90 91-100 101 +
Dracokin 2 + 1d4 2 + 1d8 3 + 1d12 3 + 2d8 4 + 1d20 4 + 2d12 5 + 3d10 5 + 2d20 6 + 5d10 6 + 3d20 7 + 4d20 (+ 1d10 per every 10)


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10) Elemental Effects on Dracokin

Dracokin, like others in the reptilian family, are affected by their runic element. This means that whatever runic element you are will determine the type of Dracokin you can be. This will affect their appearance as well as their elemental effects. All effects cost 10 SA and have a success rate of 60. Their success rate never increases.


Element Dracokin Scale Color Special Attributes Elemental Effects
Earth Rust rust 30% chance for immunity to earth based magic (instead of 20%) Effect Name: Stone Shell
Effect: encases self in a stone shell that grants the Dracokin an extra 30 Defense, it costs 5 SA per round to keep up the shell but while in a shell the Dracokin can't move but can attack
Range & Area: self
Air Fog gray 30% chance for immunity to air based magic (instead of 20%) Effect Name: Transform into Fog
Effect: transform into fog, able to pass through anywhere that air can and unaffected by physical weapons but still affected by magic, it costs 5 SA per round to remain in fog form
Range & Area: self
Water Aqua aqua-marine 30% chance for immunity to water based magic (instead of 20%) Effect Name: Liquefy
Effect: transform into liquid, able to pass through anywhere that water can and unaffected by physical weapons but still affected by magic It costs 5 SA per round to remain in water form
Range & Area: self
Fire Crimson crimson red 30% chance for immunity to fire based magic (instead of 20%) Effect Name: Coat of Fire
Effect: can coat self in fire, burns any flammables touched, living targets that touch or are touched suffer 1d10 instant damage and 1d6 burn damage each round, it costs 5 SA per round to remain coated by fire
Range & Area: self
Life Gold gold 30% chance for immunity to life based magic (instead of 20%) Effect Name: Electric Scales
Effect: can activate electricity through scales, living targets that touch or are touched suffer 1d10 instant damage and have a 20% chance of being dazed for 1 round, it costs 5 SA per round to remain coated by electricity
Range & Area: self
Death Black black 30% chance for immunity to death based magic (instead of 20%) Effect Name: Toxic Scales
Effect: can coat self in poison, living targets that touch or are touched suffer 1d10 + runic soul poison damage each round, it costs 5 SA per round to remain coated by fire
Range & Area: self
Time Silver silver 30% chance for immunity to time based magic (instead of 20%) Effect Name: Quick Silver
Effect: can become highly reactive, able to make a reaction check for a free evasion roll for any attack done to you, at a cost of reducing your Runic Speed by 25%.
Range & Area: self
Space Mythril mythril 30% chance for immunity to space based magic (instead of 20%) Effect Name: Illusionary Aura
Effect: Can produce an aura around self, anyone that gets within 2 spaces must make detect checks to detect what is real and what isn't, it costs 5 SA per round to keep up aura
Range & Area: self
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