Following character name the first step to making a character is to determine your character’s runic element. Runic element is basically a birth sign. All creatures born under the Nor’Ovan sun are born under a runic element. Children often have a different element than their parents.

But runic elements are more than just fancy birth signs. Runic elements determine a lot about your character. Runic elements by their very nature give everyone the ability to use magic. Runic elements determine what type of magic a character could use. Runic elements effect certain races such as dracokin and saurians. And runic elements effect your magic power against other creatures of different runic elements. Because of how important runic element is, it is important to understand how they work. This section of the character creation process explains into detail about the runic element system, each elemental sign, and its effects on your character.

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1) What are the Runic Elements

There are a total of 8 different runic elements. They are in a ring of influence with each other. The elements are earth, fire, water, air, life, death, time, and space. To determine what your character’s runic element is you may simply choose. Below you will see a diagram showing you each element and which elements they are weak and strong against.

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2) Runic Elements Based on Birth

Your runic element can be seen something like a birth sign. In layman's terms, it is your zodiac sign, except this has a far deeper meaning and impact on your life. The month in which you are born affects which runic element you are born under. Therefore, you can use the following to show you which month you are born under.

 Month Element Season
Afteryule Earth Spring
Narvanye (1st half)
Narvanye (2nd half) Life
Sulyme Fire Summer
Flamerule (1st half)
Flamerule (2nd half) Space
Kyporus Air Autumn
Varassis (1st half)
Varassis (2nd half) Death
Yavannie Water Winter
Marpegoth (1st half)
Marpegoth (2nd half) Time
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3) Runic Element Affinities

Depending on when in your runic element you were born, you may be born under one of two affinities. These affinities are which aspect of that element you are most connected.

Runic Element Affinity Magic Type
Earth stone geomancy
nature floramancy
Air air aeromancy
sound audiomancy
Water water aquamancy
desert dehydramancy
Fire flame pyromancy
light photomancy
Life energy navitamancy
spirit animancy
Death death necromancy
decay seniumancy
Time future posteramancy
past praeteriamancy
Space mind psionics
fear shadowmancy
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4) The Runic Elements

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