Weapons are generally the first thing most people buy when buying equipment in a role-playing game, and for good reason. Without a good weapon you cannot hope to survive long as the old saying goes, “The stronger outlive the strong”. Therefore you want and need to pick out the best weapon for your character.

Equipped Weapons Location on the Character Sheet

Here is the weapons spot on the front of the character sheet. It is tied in with the Offense stat block. This spot is for quick reference only, you should instead use the equipment fields on the back of the character sheet as it will contain more information.

Here is the weapon equipment fields on the back of the character sheet. You will notice that it contains all of the fields you will need to record your information. You will also notice that left hand can be for 2-handed weapon or shield. Finally, there are two quick ammo spots and a spot for feet or claw damage, should your character have those.

When deciding on a weapon you want to look out for these key factors; Attack, Rangeand Cost. Parry is also important but a weapon is designed to be an offensive tool, not a defensive tool. You will want to have a weapon with the highest attack value that you can afford to get. Last but not least, if you spend all of your money on that fancy new sword, you won’t have any money to buy armor, potions, rations for surviving on the road, and a bag for anything you might find. Without armor you are as good as dead if you get struck with a weapon, without rations you would probably starve, and without a bag to carry things in you might as well not ever leave your home.

So when deciding on a weapon, make sure it is the weapon with the best attack value that you can afford and still buy other important things, that it will last you for a good while, and that it doesn’t weigh you down.

One last thing, all weapons come with the sheath or harness they need, except ammunition. You will need to provide your own ammunition for those.

Here's some quick information on what each field is for:

  • Weapon: This is where you will list what the weapon is.
  • Attack: This is the damage that the weapon will cause when you attack with it.
  • Parry: This is a flat value. Should you be able to parry with your weapon and do it successfully, you will reduce the damage done to your character by that value, before it ever hits your character. This is before any armor protection.
  • Range: This is how many spaces your weapon can reach. A space is roughly 3 feet by 3 feet.
  • Hit Chance: This is any modification to your hit chance roll caused by the weapon. If it is a negative value, you will have less of a chance to hit with this weapon. If it is a positive value, you will have more of a chance to hit with this weapon.
  • Weight: This is how much the weapon weighs.
  • Durability: This shows roughly how many times you can attack with the weapon before it breaks.
  • Rune Stone: This is where you can equip a rune stone to your weapon.

Some weapons may have a fire rate. This is especially true for revolvers. You would list this in the blue "other information" field.

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1) Attaching and Removing Rune Stones

You are able to attach or remove rune stones from your weapons as desired. Each weapon spot has one rune stone field, allowing you to attach one rune stone to that weapon.

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2) Repairing Weapons

 The local blacksmith will be glad to repair your character's broken weapons for 65% of the item's original cost.

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3) Equipping Weapons

You equip your character's weapons in the Equipped Weapons spot on your character's equipment sheet. A weapon that is not equipped cannot be used. You can change equipped weapons freely while adventuring. During battle, unless you use the skill Quick Weapon Change, it will cost one action to change one equipped weapon.

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4) Weapon Shops

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